Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I feel anything during the abortion?
    No. The IV medication we use puts the patient in a light sleepy state and it has an amnesia effect for most patients.

  2. How much will I bleed?
    Patients may have a period type flow the day of the procedure or it may start a few days later. Some patients only have spotting or staining for a couple of weeks.
    If you have a medical abortion (pills) the patient actually has a miscarriage at home and that bleeding can often be heavy for a short time.

  3. Can someone be with me during the abortion?
    Someone you bring can accompany you during the interview and explanation process but not during exams, surgery or recovery.

  4. How long will it take?
    Actual surgery time you are asleep is usually 6-8 minutes. Patients are at the office about 2 hours, if we are on schedule.

  5. What if I am 17 years old?
    Unless you are married or already have a child, you will need to have one of your parents accompany you to the clinic to sign consents. We also need a copy of your birth certificate and a photo ID. State law requires that we notify one of your parents by mail, fax or in person at least 48 hours before seeing you for an elective procedure.

  6. Will I have pain afterwards?
    Most patients have cramps off and on for a few days. Tylenol, Motrin or Aleve are usually all that is necessary to diminish this discomfort.

  7. What if I have a question or problem after the abortion?
    Patients are given our clinic number for office hours and after hours access. We also have an answering service that can contact us with your message.

  8. Do you have any special instructions for me?
    Have nothing to eat or drink from midnight, before your appointment the next morning. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. We do not accept personal checks. Do not bring infants or children. Do not bring a boyfriend or husband who is against your decision to have an abortion.

  9. Is all of this confidential?
    Yes. You are a private patient of Dr. Burns. A copy of your records are only released to you when you sign a release form and we can verify your signature.

  10. Is the clinic hard to find?
    No. We are located near the I-35-Lindsay Street intersection in Norman. Google or MapQuest the clinic at:

    2453 Wilcox Drive                                                  
    Norman, Oklahoma 73069